They call it “The Salumi King”, not just for a joke but because it’s the best part of the pig, it taste gorgeous, and it looks unique. Culatello is the back leg muscle of the pork, so we can have only two culatellos by one animal. We made it during the winter (November-February) as tradition custom. With the thigh first we take off the skin, then we cut away the muscle from the bone and from the rest of the thigh. After this, we do the salting procedure: we use salt, red wine and natural aroma (pepper and garlic) to prepare the meat to aging. During the first days we manage and massage the meat to be sure that the salting procedure works correct. After these steps we tie up the muscle with string, we put it in a bladder, tie up again strongly and then hang up in a dryer room (once near the fireplace in farmers’ houses) for around a month.

It is now that it cames in the cellar and hunged up (as you can see if you come to us or just looking our photo gallery) for at least one year. We serve our Culatello aged from 12 to 24 months. All these procedures are made by specialized men called “Norcino”, the real Culatello maker: they know how, where and when do it. They also have the traditional know-how handed down from them fathers. When they manage the meat they already knows how to treat it and they look forward knowing how it will be.

But to have a perfect Culatello you need also a perfect habitat: a special climate with fog in a winter, hot and humidity in the summer and a good original cellar. All these give to Culatello that unique taste worldwide known and wanted. If you reall want to taste it, understand it and have a look on everything about it, the only way is to come to “CULATTELLOSHIRE” and maybe ….visit us!

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