There is a menu, but Leonardi doesn't bother much with it. She talks to you, looks at you, and then decides what you should have: I must be too thin, because Leonardi sent out the culatello, her rich "tortelli" with "zucca", her baked pasta (pasticcio di maccheroni with a sweet crunchy crust), roast veal with "mostarda" and a piece of plum tart.
It was fabulous, but I couldn't finish it all. And although the signora was clearly displeased by that, she still -as she does with most of the customers- gave me a big kiss goodbye.

From "The Italy We Love"

Not so long time ago the menus were hand-made...

Trattoria La Buca snc - Condotta da Miriam Leonardi e Laura Lanfredi
43010 Zibello (PR) ITALY - via Ghizzi 6 - Tel.0524 99214 - Fax 0524 99720 -
P.IVA 01919510345
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