Near the Po river and in the heart of “Culatelloshire” you can come to enjoy our cuisine: a special culatello, still hunged up in our historical cellar, can help you to join our mood. Otherwise you can spend time eating an hand made pasta (so famous to be on the New Yorker magazine) like Tortelli stuffed with pumpkin or Tagliatelle with Culatello. Five generations of female “chef de cuisine” hand down from mother to daughter how to cook every dish, so you can test real traditional flavours and understand how can Parma cuisine be so famous in the world. Miriam and her daughter Laura welcome you and make sure you’ll be comfortable seated at our tables: in summertime sourrounded by trees and flowers, in wintertime wrapped up by the fog and by the Culatello flavour going out from the cellar near by (ask to visit it!). Don’t forget to test also our desserts, cause they can enchant you with some other old traditional way to cook sweets and cakes.
Trattoria La Buca
via Ghizzi,6 - 43010 Zibello (Parma) - ITALY

Tel. +39 0524 99214
Fax +39 0524 99720
Closed on Tuesday

Trattoria La Buca snc - Condotta da Miriam Leonardi e Laura Lanfredi
43010 Zibello (PR) ITALY - via Ghizzi 6 - Tel.0524 99214 - Fax 0524 99720 -
P.IVA 01919510345
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