La Buca



Trattoria, Guest Rooms & Culatello


La Buca

The Trattoria

Our restaurant and guestrooms are located near the river Po which separates the province of Parma from that of Cremona. The autumn fog and humid climate make our culatello mature slowly to become a special and splendid product that, together with other typical products and ancient local knowledge, make our cuisine unique.

Our restaurant is over 100 years old and has passed through the hands of five generations of women: Romilda, Zaira, Elena, Miriam and the current owner, Laura, who welcomes guests and personally prepares the traditional recipes handed down from their mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers.


Our Guest Rooms

Guest Rooms

Elegance & Comfort

La Buca

Guest Rooms

Our guest accommodation is located in front of the restaurant, surrounded by greenery and close to the river Po.

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Our Culatello


The King of Salumi

La Buca

The Culatello

The environment and climate (thick fog in winter, heat and humidity from the Po river in summer, combined with a good cellar) mean that our culatello matures slowly and becomes a special and wonderful product!

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